himmelbeet is an intercultural community garden in the middle of Berlin-Wedding. We are open to everyone who likes to be a little closer to nature. For those with green thumbs, we rent out beds to plant, garden and harvest in but we also have community beds for those who do not have as much time to spare. Talk to our workers if you want to harvest and buy some of our produce, or if you want to help out! Aside from the gardening we can often use help with other things such as events, fundraising, PR, and at the café. If you have your own ideas for projects, please come see us too and we will talk about if and how we can realize them. Of course, you’re also welcome to just relax and have a drink and a bite at the café or join in one of our many workshops and events.


We also offer a range of services for groups and companies. We build (school) gardens, give workshops about gardening and food, and can use the garden as party location with catering from our café. If you are interested in this, please talk to one of our workers or send an email to mitmachen@himmelbeet.de

Lastly if you want to support us we are always happy with donations. Find Hilda, our donation chicken, at the café or go to www.himmelbeet.betterplace.org. You can also send a donation directly to the bank at:

Himmelbeet spendenkonto
IBAN: DE47430609671142675201

If requested we will make a donation receipt for you. Every little bit helps us a lot!